Network Infrastructure

The information you need, everywhere, reliable and safe.



Work closer to your team at any time.


Data Center

Merges systems, storage, networks, virtualization and management functions into one platform.


Service Provider

Enable access to next generation networks.


Cloud Solutions

Quick, optimal and efficient solutions without a large initial investment.

How can we help you?

Utilizing our proven process management model, we can assist in solving all of your technological needs. The process model provides numerous benefits by breaking down the project into distinct phases with quantifiable goals to ensure its overall success.

Operation / Optimization


  • Lower total cost by thoroughly defining technology requirements upfront and planning for changes in infrastructure and resource requirements.
  • Increase platform availability based on a solid network design and validation of its operation.
  • Improve overall business agility.
  • Optimize access speed to applications and services thereby improving the availability, reliability, security, scalability and performance of the platform.


On Demand

We offer support on a “per-incident” basis, where our clients have complete access to Soutec’s Remote Network Operation and Support Center- CORSS, which serves all requests and provides a solution within established response times.


A combination service bridging manufacturer support and platform monitoring through Soutec’s Remote Network Operation and Support Center- CORSS.

Safety Performance

The Safety Performance service offers our clients the luxury of Soutec’s Remote Network Operation and Support Center- CORSS, which monitors networks 24/7 ensuring optimal and efficient operations, anticipating possible problems before they happen.

Premier Net

PremierNet service combines NETCARE and Safety Performance, offering our clients a complete solution for the operation and maintenance of their platform from Soutec’s Remote Network Operation and Support Center- CORSS, where our experts perform management tasks on our clients’ platforms, such as configurations for prevention and problem solutions, and changes made at the request of the client; all of this with the mindset to optimize the platform’s functionality, availability and safety.

Discovery Assessment

The Discovery Assessment service provides our clients with an in-depth analysis of their network and telecommunications platform, generating a detailed report that may:

Who we are

Founded in 2014, SOUTEC is an integrated technology solutions company with offices in Miami, Florida, USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and footprint throughout Latin America.

We offer managed and professional services providing our clients with advanced solutions and platform support.

We depend on a world-class team of professionals, who are trained to the highest service and performance standards who are focused on developing our clients business.

We have developed a strategic business model, which promotes emerging technology.


To offer the highest standards of customer satisfaction based on the Soutec values of leadership, professionalism, commitment, honesty, and respect as well as the technical expertise of our employees. Furthermore, our business is focused on providing innovative tools and best practices to maintain a positive synergy with our valued clients while optimizing their technology.


Become the most admired technology solutions provider because of its people, its performance, and its contribution in making the world a better place.


We are committed to you!

Our company is focused in the quality of our service to our clients. Our mission is to create a positive impact on the lives of our clients, employees, and community.

We want to understand your needs!

It’s not about selling a solution, it’s about analyzing, learning and understanding the nature of your business, in order to design solutions tailored your needs, guided by innovation and best practices, that allow for the advancement of your company’s synergy, through integration and optimization of your technology.

The real power lies in the integration of people.

Our projects succeed because our engineers work with and for our clients. We employ professionals who are not  only exceptional at technology but are also exceptional at understanding clients needs, values, and guiding principles. It’s this combination that drives successful projects.

Because we grow together…

Our company is focused on your company’s success, productivity, and growth and we are there to help you achieve your goals.

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